Business/Executive/Career Coaching

Transformational Business, Career and Executive Coaching.

Executive/Career Coaching will help with:

As someone with 20+ years’ experience in the corporate world I am well versed in the pressures and challenges that people face in their professional lives.


I work with people in their careers to help them develop in the direction they want. From those seeking a promotion, to newly promoted managers to C suite executives. We will work together to get an understanding of your management and leadership styles, your career trajectory to date, the highs and lows and how these have determined your career path.  We create an action plan to best develop your career moving forward.


Confidence and mindset hold us back too easily in life. We allow our past experience to dictate our future career path. Pushing past these mindset blocks can he very challenging. We will examine the truth of these ‘facts’, analyze what we can control, what we can influence and what we need to accept gaining the clarity and confidence to take the next step forward.


I also help people who are looking to change careers completely, similar to the changes I made myself. It’s a long road to retirement when doing something that doesn’t align with who you are. Change can seem impossible, but the key is to identify your goals and begin to take the first small steps towards them. Each step shifts your perspective until your desired future begins to materialise.