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At any moment we have the power to change our lives completely.

At any moment we have the power to change our lives completely.

We are actually that free.

We can just getup from where we are sitting and walk away from everything.

Just walk out the front door on your life and begin a new one.

But we won’t.

Because we don’t want to.

Because we love our life.

And because it’s too damn hard.

It is an incredibly difficult thing to do.

Perhaps the most difficult thing you will ever do.

We are heavily invested in the life we’ve created.

Our interests,

Our Career,

Our mortgage,

Our habits,

Our addictions,

Our shoulds,

Our identity….

And its ok not to just walk away from everything.

I know I wouldn’t.

It’s absolutely right to not walk away just because things are hard.

But I’m learning to walk away from what doesn’t serve me anymore.

It took me a long time to change from a career I didn’t want.

I got a push to help me along, but I wasn’t brave enough for far too long.

Despite family and friends telling me I needed to change.

And I knew they were right.

I couldn’t see the freedom, I was choosing to look at what was holding me back instead.

We need to understand that we have that level of freedom.

We are free to choose in every situation.

We are a lot freer than we allow ourselves to think.

Even if we can’t choose the situation.

We are free to choose how we react to it.

If you have ideas, plans and dreams, and are self-talking yourself away from them..

Ask yourself where’s your freedom in this situation?

What are your options?

What can you choose?

It’s a very liberating question.

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