Live the life you want through coaching

Expect to be listened to at a very deep level.

Expect to have to tell the truth about yourself and your thoughts.

Expect to be asked questions to dig into this truth.

Expect, on occasion, to be asked direct or challenging questions.

Expect to encounter your true self and grow from the experience.


During a coaching session you will be asked questions around the particular topic or topics you wish to work on. This will allow you to begin to explore it for yourself.

In this session you are listened too without any judgement.

We will dig into your answers to get to the truth of your position around the topic. At times I may ask direct and challenging questions as we are searching for particular answers. As a coach I may suggest certain coaching models that would best suit your goals for the session(s).

The coach creates the space and facilitates the session, the deep work is completed by you.

Prior to any first coaching session we will always have a discovery/consultation call – this is free.

This call is to ensure you are right for coaching and coaching is right for you. I believe everyone needs a coach, however everyone is not ready for coaching. This discovery call is to get to know each under, build trust, and ensure we are right for each other before embarking on a coaching relationship.

Coaching requires trust, honesty and commitment to get the true benefits

Coaching sessions will either be on Zoom or can be in person as agreed. Each session will last around 1 hour.

You can take some notes if required, however all sessions finish with a recap of the session and a confirmation of the agreed actions to take prior to the next session.

Coaching is usually weekly, however it can be bi-weekly, monthly or even longer. Some clients only ask for a single session also. The frequency of the coaching is determined by you. What you want to work on, the actions you need to take after the session and how quickly you want to jump back in.

The average number of sessions I work with a client for is 4 to 6.


Bring all of yourself. Bring your honesty. Bring your truth. Bring your commitment.

If you do this, you can have a very powerful coaching experience

Every conversation we have is 100% confidential. I provide a contract to all clients before we start working together. This contract covers your rights in relation to your data. You will see that I take some notes during the session. These are notes of something you have said or particular language used that I deem valuable and may need to return to in this session or in later session. These notes can be viewed by yourself at any point if desired.

I have an advanced diploma in personal, leadership and executive coaching, certified by Kingstown college.

I also have a diploma in corporate wellbeing coaching and consultancy, certified by Kingstown college.

I am also a licensed NLP practitioner from the Irish NLP institute.

I have been coaching as a manager in the corporate world for over 20 years.

I regularly attend coaching supervision workshops with other coaches to continuously enhance my craft.

I also work directly with a coach myself.

I am someone who has made a complete pivot in my career and continually challenge myself to new ways and ideas.

I am a speaker and dedicated member of Toastmasters and I am also the current Scottish Toastmaster champion for humorous speeches

Payment is in advance of the sessions through STRIPE.

I will send a invoice for the sessions booked through the stripe system. This will be received from stripe to your email address and enables you to securely pay the invoice online.

I will provide engaging, informative and passionate talks for groups or companies on the below  topics:

  • Wellness – Self-care/Self-development
  • Habits
  • Mind-set and/or motivation
  • Coping mechanisms for stress
  • Stress and burnout
  • Change in the work place
  • The power of vulnerability
  • The key to life is learning to come home to yourself .


These talks can be tailored to suit the specific people in attendance for your staff, group or organisation.

I always ensure the talks are practical so there are clear actions those in attendance can put into place in their own lives in order to make positive changes.

The talks are around between 25 and 50 mins in length depending on requirements and to allow for questions.

These talks can be provided in person or over zoom as required.

Please contact me directly for any further information in relation to speaking engagements.