Group Coaching

Effective & Inclusive Group Coaching

Coaching groups around a variety of topics: 

Well-being in the workplace.

Better communication within a team structure, 

Developing a vision and plan for moving a company/team forward, 

Working through communication challenges.

Well-being in the workplace is critical in our world today. Life ,and our perspective on things, has changed dramatically for so many employees since 2020. As a Wellbeing coach I will work with senior management to determine the Well-being policy for the company, ensure this adds value to the staff and work with team leads and individual staff to provide them the tools to maximise their own and their reports wellbeing.

Well-being in the workplace is essential in maintaining a happy and engaged staff – leading to less absenteeism , greater retention and higher productivity.


I facilitate group coaching in-person or online, building rapport with your teams and help re-engage your staff/team to begin to maximise their output. These coaching sessions can be very powerful for resolving issues within a team and developing the framework to maximise the teams potential.


Issues raised can be worked through in subsequent one to one sessions to allow for individual employees growth, and to ensure each team member has the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment where particular issues cannot be openly discussed in the larger group format.