Motivational Speaking

Engaging, Informative and Practical Motivational Talks

Talks for your team, employees, organisation or group, designed to develop self-awareness and provide the tools to manage the negative mental and physical habits that hold us back both professionally and personally. 

As an accomplished TEDx speaker and twice national  Toastmasters champion I bring this skill, passion and engagement into my talks, ensuring they are informative, practical and fun. 

I have developed talks that provide insight to groups, ensuring they have actionable take away items that can help them quickly make positive changes in lives.

Awareness is key to change – and my intention is always to provide insight and awareness and practical steps to help people move forward.

Some of my most popular and effective talks are around:

  • Self care/Development, Stress & Burnout – develop an awareness of how people really are in our lives and how we cause ourselves stress and burnout. Being able to identify the difference between stress and burnout and how best to manage them personally. Leading into an exercise to help attendees raise their awareness and know what they need to work on to live a more balanced life.
  • Motivation & mindset – What is it, how do we obtain it, where does it come from, how do we stay motivated and why can’t we get motivated. If you want to get to the bottom of your motivation and drive forward to achieve your dreams then strap in – and lets go!
  • The habit of good Habits – Understanding how our lives are dictated by our habits, and not just who we are today but who we will become. We will take a look at the how habits are formed, how we can break bad habits and how we can reform the habits we need to become the person we want to be. Coupled with some motivation to give us the kick start.
  • Coping Mechanisms – A talk around the challenges that stress causes us – how we currently try and deal with stressful situations, and how we can do this better. The talk allows participants to understand the problems we cause for ourselves with our inability to deal with situations
  • Dealing with change in the workplace – This incorporates part of the coping mechanisms talk but also focuses more specifically on change in the workplace and how difficult that can be to manage and cope with – providing a framework to process this and move forward.
  • Leadership – What is a leader these days. How are we supposed to be in order to lead. how can we be authentic and inspire people to work to their potential. We will explore this and more as we look at leadership in the 2020’s and determine what it is we need to change to become a respected and invaluable modern leader.
  • The power of vulnerability – An impassioned and powerful talk to demonstrate how and why we are where we are in life, develop the awareness to understand what it is we need to change and how we can grow into our authentic selves. The key to our lives is learning to live from this space of our authentic selves.
  • The Magic of being yourself – Who are you? Who do you want to be? What is the fear that is stopping you being that person you want to be. How are you getting in your own way. Our lives are a journey away from who we are until we finally begin to make the journey back.

    So much of the disillusion and dissatisfaction we feel with life can be resolved when we learn to come back home to ourselves, to start living a life in line with what truly matters to us. Here is a talk to show us how to do that, to learn to tap into the magic of being ourselves and dance to our own rhythm.


All talks can be amended to suit the requirements of the company or group they are being presented to.

I provide other talks also and can create what you are looking for. Get in touch and we can ensure your employees are provided what they need.

Check out my TEDx talk titled ‘the magic of being yourself’ to get a flavour of who I am, my speaking style and my passion for what I talk about.

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