My Story

Transformational Life, Career & Well-being Coaching

I had a successful career in the corporate world for over 20 years but I knew it wasn’t where my heart lay.

I wanted to live by my values, but was afraid of the huge career change I needed to make – until I had an epiphany: if I never changed my career path this would be my future until I retired.

That scared me just as much as changing careers.

Throughout my personal and professional life my most important contribution had always been helping people.

I have 20+ years’ experience coaching people through my management positions.

I am a qualified personal, leadership & executive coach, certified by Kingstown college.

I am also a certified Corporate Wellbeing coach and consultant, also certified by Kingstown College.

And I am a licenced Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner from the Irish NLP institute.

Most importantly I am absolutely passionate about helping people and I bring this sense of purpose into everything I do.

It is my life’s mission to inspire, empower and motivate people.

It is an absolute privilege to hear people’s truth.

And my greatest pleasure is to help people find their purpose and begin to fulfil their promise

Whether its 1-1 coaching, group coaching or motivational speaking – I bring this sense of purpose into everything I do.