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I am two weeks out after having 4 sessions with Mark and I am beyond grateful for everything Mark has helped me with. My outlook on my life and how I treat myself has dramatically changed in the absolute best way and it is Mark who taught me this. Our sessions had a natural flow, were filled with many 'ah-ha' moments and I was so comfortable sharing with him. I feel like a new person and it's not just me who has noticed, even friends and family have said it too. I cannot recommend Mark enough. I am looking forward to more sessions in the future. Thanks for everything Mark.
Roisin Jun 23
I had the pleasure of being Mark's client in 2023, it was an unusual year for me personally & professionally but working with Mark helped beyond anything I could have expected.

Going into the 6 coaching sessions with Mark, I was a little lost with what my goals were, even the ability to pin-point exactly what is & was important to me. Mark asks amazing questions, very thought provoking, insightful & enlightening. He guided me through the process so well, with authenticity, genuine intrigue & curiosity. The conversations always flowed & from the introductory call, I could be myself & get stuck into doing the work during the sessions.

Loads of actionable tasks to apply in my daily working & personal life with a huge amount to show for it.
In the time I spent with Mark my sales performance went from 63% of target to 180% from one quarter to the next. In the same time my pipeline has more than quadrupled, for a strong start to 2024

I've set some clear, achievable but ambitious goals, I'm excited for the the upcoming year & ready to tackle any & all challenges that come my way.
Managed to shave a few minutes off my 5k & 10k too. You get the gist.

Going into the coaching I wasn't sure what I wanted, it's amazing how different I feel in just 6 sessions & would highly recommend for anyone who has ambitious goals or is a little lost.
I am & will be eternally grateful for Mark's support. It's meant a lot to me & has positively impacted those close to me including family & my colleagues.
Cheers Mark, you're a true gent.
Kevin Dec 23
Since I started with Mark my life has changed drastically and that's no coincidence. Mark has a way of helping you help yourself , and finding out what stresses or motivates you and being proactive in life. His guidance and coaching has been immeasurable in my life and as I continue to be coached by Mark I look forward to reaching goals with self belief and self awareness daily
KathYANN Aug 22
I started my sessions with Mark because I was feeling I have lost my power and not being able to make the right decisions. Seven weeks after and after working with Mark on specific goals that we have identified during the week, I can have a clear view again of my work goals. An excellent experience and I highly recommend Mark
Eleni mar 22
Thank you Mark Carolan, for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and passion for the work that you do. As someone who was new to coaching, I didn’t know what to expect. I was feeling a bit lost in myself, and unsure of the path I was on. The coaching sessions, facilitated by Mark, have been the most beneficial thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. It has been an enlightening experience. Yes, it was challenging at times, but I feel empowered again. More importantly, I feel reconnected with myself and my values. Thank you, Mark, for enabling me to see life through a much more positive lens.
aine May 23

Additional Private/Career/Business coaching Reviews

I was very unhappy in my career when I started to work with Mark.. He helped me figure out my values and I could see my current job did not align with them at all. Mark helped identify my strengths so I could put my focus into the right direction. I have taken significant steps to move towards the career I've always wanted and am very thankful for Marks assistance with this.
Síobhan jan 23
How you arrange the thoughts of your life into a narrative can shape who you are. The challenge lies in getting those thoughts out of your head. Mark has a wonderful gift and talent to support and give guidance to allow you to do just that. My sessions with Mark have allowed me to start having the life I want and more importantly need. Mark I will be forever grateful Sinéad
Sínead Nov 21
When I engaged Mark as my coach I was still unsure of what I could gain from a coaching relationship. Mark enabled me to get clarity on thoughts that had been running around my head for years. I now have a clear sense of purpose and direction for where my life is going and feel excited about what I can achieve.
Tony Apr 23
I had the good fortune of working with Mark as my coach earlier this summer. I found his approach to be incredibly attuned. An excellent listener, he is an even more exemplary and discerning questioner. I felt empowered to take action after each session, and always appreciated Mark's ability to read between the lines. I was able to arrive naturally and confidently to some conclusions that previously seemed beyond reach. A first-rate coach interprets not only from what is said, but also and maybe even more so from what is not said. Mark's sensitivity to body language, and the myriad ways that communication can be expressed, allow him to connect deeply with his clients while never losing sight of their current goals. I would recommend Mark unreservedly. His clarity and compassion are a truly stellar combination.
Grace Sep 22
I decided to work with Mark as a coach because I felt my career had stagnated. We worked through some very interesting exercises that enabled me to get a fresh perspective on my management style and the successes and failures of my career to date, how these had impacted me and what I had learned from them. This has re-energised me completely and I am now working to my strengths and looking forward to how my career unfolds. I highly recommend working with Mark to enhance your career.
John Feb 23

Speaker Reviews

I booked Mark to speak at an event for a group of volunteers. Mark did an amazing job, he took time to get to know the audience and was able to really relate the topic to the people there. He was relatable, down to earth and yet left us with some powerful insights into the topic. I would definitely book Mark to speak at events again and would recommend him highly.
audrey moore may 23
Trust Social Care Consultancy
We at Primtac Personnel LTD loved working with Mark and gained so much from his sessions. His honesty and focus on what matters on both a group and individual level has greatly helped me elevate our individual and our teams growth and professional development. Mark's personable style, coupled with his deep knowledge, make a perfect combination and enable Mark to effectively engage. Mark is truly an expert in his field and his generosity in providing his time and insights has greatly helped our business. We highly recommend his services and are looking forward to working with him again soon
luda okafor sep 22
primtac personal ltd
We brought Mark into the company last year as part of our focus on wellbeing and professional dev. This was a brilliant experience for our team. Mark took our team on this wellbeing and personal development journey last year and it was a great experience and the team got great benefit from it. I'd highly recommend this programme and Mark
Roger Byrne Apr 22
Commercial operations Director - Fitbit by Google

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