What is the root cause of your issues?

The root cause of your issue is that you are unfulfilled with your life.





High powered job

Nice holidays

Decent Car

Big house.



Great you’ve ticked a lot of boxes.

Some of these are fantastic things to have.


However, are these all things you want or do they come with the status?


What’s missing?



I spoke to two CEO’s separatly in the last week who both said the same thing.

‘I should be delighted now that I’m in this position, but something is missing


What’s missing?


That thing that’s missing is you.

Where you show up in your life.

Where your values are being honoured,

Where you are expressing yourself.

Where the things you’ve always wanted for yourself are.


The best news is that’s is there for you if you want it.

It just takes some adjustments, some introspection, some awareness,

And of course the action.


The first action. Let’s talk.


Working harder, working longer, the next promotion, two more promotions,

A new family,

Brand new car,

That won’t plug the gap.

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